Hey there LJ, I'm still alive.

It's almost June and school will soon be over, I am a happy girl. Yes yes there's summer school and camp and shit but regular ol school is almost done. yipeeeee!

I'll have pretty much all of August off, and still considering 4th o juplaya. So....we'll see. 

I can't even afford to have children and yet...

WTF is wrong with this lady having Octuplets?! How did this happen?! She had a LITTER of children! Now she has 14?! Living with her parents?! What a loon! Now of course she wants cash money to talk about it. But of course she's going to be getting government cheese for them babies, I'm sure she already does. I think I hate her.

*end rant* 


I don't understand why people like cupcakes? And kids, hell they go absolutely bananas for them. I think maybe I've never had a *really* good cupcake, but then I think that's just impossible. I've had plenty, and all of them not so good.

When kids have parties they almost always have cupcakes, especially at school. They are offered to me and I decline. Adults assume I am being polite. But really, I don't want your cupcakes, no I do not.

Ma I can read!

So I'm finally finishing the book netzard gave me: Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible and Fried: My Life As A Revolting Cock. It is heeeelarious. Seriously. All these early 90s industrial references and insane drug binges, it's awesome.

I received two books for Hanukkah, not sure which to read next. The twiny gave me The Watchmen, and the GBFF gave me some Friedrich Nietzsche compilation. Which part of my brain shall I use? Should I continue with my pop culture trend, or get philosophical for a bit? 

In other vacation news, we saw Slumdog Millionaire, loved it. Made a chicken pot pie, rather tasty! Went sailing, so fun! Saw friends from high school last night, whoa. I'm sure there are other random updates I could give but, I'm happy and healthy and thats a good start to 2009.

Hope everyone is doing well. :) 


Nightmare Alley

Nightmare Alley, book, music and lyrics by Jonathan Brielle, based on the William Lindsay Gresham novel and the subsequent cult-classic film, directed by Geffen producing director Gilbert Cates. June 16-July 26, 2009. "Nightmare Alley explores the darker side of entertainment by taking us into the world of carnies, cons and clairvoyants. With a score as wild as a funhouse and as emotionally evocative as a beautiful tightrope walker, this new musical tells the story of shocks that await you inside the big tent. …Nightmare Alley is a night at the theatre full of special effects, wondrous feats and enough spirit to make believers of us all."

For more information visit

Dood, its like they made it just for me. I think it sounds awesome.



I know giantlaser was just talking about this but he's way more savvy than I am so.... My parents want a video chat thang for their grandchildren (my nieces) in San Diego. My sister has Mac notebook, they have an older Dell. Any issues with mac vs pc? Is Skype a pain in the ass? I've heard good things but don't know much about it. Keep in mind my parents are totally tech-tarded. Thoughts? Advice?